The Pinnacle of Display Technology

Enjoy the true bliss of cinematic detail with a wider range of color. Experience immersive color with depth, contrast and fine-tuned shades that make every detail pop.

Premium Quality

Brilliant color from every seat.

Stylish & Modern

The finishing touch to your favorite space.

Televisions to fit your home and lifestyle

Unleash the most dynamic viewing experience yet with a billion shades of color, unreal clarity and stunning scenes.

Ditch the Glare

TV when it’s on, Art when it’s off. Newer. Slimmer. A work of art in and of itself. Now with additional styles, colors, artwork, and add-ons, giving you more ways to personalize your space and enhance your aesthetic. All while enjoying the stunning picture quality of a 4K QLED picture frame tv.

Enjoy real life depth

Take vision and sound to the next level. Built with unique processors which reproduce the natural shades and hues that humans find beautiful, filling the screen with consistently vivid colors and realistic textures at all brightness levels.

Precision lighting and contrast

Scenes come to life with more precise contrast controlled by in-screen lighting that delivers deep blacks and pure whites with minimal halo or blooming.

What you love just got better 

The latest advancements in picture quality, sound technology and smart features. Allowing for smart content curation, cloud gaming, video calls, on-screen multitasking, NFT management and more.

Creating spaces that enhance your viewing experience

See colors that are natural and beautiful to the human eye. With extended hue and saturation, vivid shades, and realistic texture, even pale colors look realistic.

Stylish renovations for any budget

Built with powerful processors for premium picture and sound

Maximized viewing realism, resolution, audio and fps.

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