Sensors to detect, inform, warn, assist and much more.

Sensors to detect, inform, automate and much more.

At the most basic level, these small devices offer simple solutions to common problems.

Smart sensors have the potential to link up to other devices and can transform that space from a place that has a bunch of smart-home gadgets into a smart home, with devices working autonomously, together.

All the pieces for peace of mind

Start with included kit pieces, then expand your protection with compatible devices.


Consistently trigger routines and automations.


Sensor set up for constant reliability.

Smart Home sensors to Protect your possessions and prevent anxiety

We know how important it is to protect your investments, whether from intrusion, fire, earthquake or flood. You can’t always be at home and every second matters when things go wrong. Smart home sensors can make the difference for time sensitive emergencies.

Our Technology made simple

NXT Level Smart Home takes security and privacy seriously. We look at the security and data privacy practices behind our product picks.

Pet Immunity

Response Time

Battery Life

Design Quality

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