Amazing Projectors for the ultimate dedicated home theater

We utilize best-in-class products by top AV brands in the industry to give you the very best in home theater experience, second to none.

Top Quality

New innovative technologies deliver a dynamic viewing experience.

Stylish & Modern

Out with the old, in with the new. Lighter, smaller laser projectors require up to 20% less space.

Designed to complement your home

Whether you’re looking to create a home cinema for family movie nights, enhance your gaming setup, or simply enjoy your favorite shows in unparalleled clarity, our projectors are the perfect addition to any room.

Next-Generation Home Theater Projectors

Bring home true 4K entertainment with a high-value laser projector. Built to reproduce the source material the way the artist intended.

Made for Entertainment

Experience 4K UHD resolution that’s crisp, vivid and bright. With realistic, impeccable precision and detail at four times the resolution of full HD.

Liquid Crystal on Silicon

Ultra high-resolution with cutting-edge technology.

Details even in Bright Light

Enjoy perfectly lit shows, movies and games to catch every detail, any hour of the day.

Creating spaces that enhance the Home Theater experience

Built to last and engineered for your lifestyle. Make the home cinema experience bigger and better than ever.

A smart addition to your smart home

Sustainable designs for a brighter future. Designs created with the environment in mind.

We’ll integrate your new projector into your home automation and remote monitoring systems.

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