Fast, Stable at ridiculous range & contemporary designs

Mesh Wifi s a home Wi-Fi system built to eliminate dead zones and provide uninterrupted coverage throughout your home. Access Points create a wireless local area network, WLAN, connecting to a wired router, switch or hub via ethernet cable.

Mesh Systems


Access Points

Wired systems

Always securely connected

Stay connected with leaders in speed, reliability and security. The ultimate connection for gaming, HD streaming and multiple high-performance devices.

Mesh uses several units to blanket your entire home while only needing one name and password to connect. Automatically switch your devices to the best mesh node and Wi-Fi band as you move through your home.

Depending on the Mesh System you choose, you can connect up to 150 smart home, gaming, and streaming devices.

It is best to connect 10 or fewer mesh units in your home to maintain better performance, but there is no limit on the number of units you can add to your network.

Whatever your Wi-Fi needs, there’s a mesh for that

Leave the lag behind with no more dropped connections as you move throughout your whole home, from room to room.

Continuous Wi-Fi throughout your home

Next Generation technology for stable and extremely fast performance that never sleeps

Protect your home with software updates, parental controls, seperate guest access


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