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Access Points and Mesh Systems.
Routers & Modems & More.
3 Years Warranty
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A strong and reliable network is the foundation of any smart home or control system

NXT Level Smart Home recognizes how important a seamless and reliable network is for your home or business. Afterall, your network is the backbone to your connected devices and NXT Level is here to make sure your network doesn’t skip a beat.

Bridging all of your smart home devices under one roof with simple apps

1000 +

Smart home devices and products on the market. NXT Level Smart Home will professionally integrate your smart home system, tailoring it to perform precisely the way you want.

1000 %

Post-installation support with the integration of your smart home devices. Add that with your subscription to NXT Level Perks and never worry about system failures.

Strong internet throughout your home and surrounding area.

Quality Networking

Whether you’re using mesh systems for a wireless, hassle-free upgrade or wired access points for more robust settings, we’ve got the experts to give you the quality network your home needs.

Fast & Reliable

Routers and modems that give you the freedom of options and security with in-depth customization and unparalleled consistant high speeds.

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