Keyless office entry

Smart Locks for Seamless Access

Experience effortless office access with our smart locks—no more keys required.

Your Office, Your Access Rules

With our smart locks, you have the power to decide who enters your office, when they can access it, and whether it’s a one-time or recurring authorization. Take control of your workspace security by customizing access permissions, allowing you to manage and grant entry with precision and convenience.

Access Precision

With our smart locks, you have the power to precisely define who can enter your office and set specific access schedules, ensuring only authorized individuals can gain entry.

Real-Time Notifications

Receive instant notifications whenever someone attempts to access your office, providing you with real-time awareness and control over who enters your workspace at any given moment.

Smart Delivery Solutions for Offices

Discover the convenience of our smart delivery boxes at NXT Level Smart Home. Our advanced lock boxes enable you to securely receive packages and deliveries, eliminating concerns about damage or theft. With the ability to lock/unlock, share access, view delivery history, and receive notifications from anywhere, managing deliveries for your office has never been smarter or more secure.

Advanced Office Security

Experience the ultimate in office security with bank-level protection at NXT Level Smart Office. Ensure peace of mind knowing that your office door is securely closed and locked, allowing you to work worry-free. Set up smart alerts to receive instant notifications when someone enters or exits your workspace, ensuring you’re always in control. Our advanced security features include:

Smart Lock Benefits for Your Office

Unlock the advantages of smart locks for your office or workspace. With long-range motion viewers and video analytics, our smart locks are designed to deter potential intruders by detecting and alerting you to suspicious activity. Lights and sounds can be automatically activated to enhance security.

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