Step Up Your Office Security with State-of-the-Art Video Solutions

Smart, Powerful & Seamless Surveillance

Forget about old-fashioned office security systems that only let you check what happened after the fact.

Here at NXT Level Smart Home, we’re thrilled to offer you real-time alarm and active deterrence cameras that go the extra mile to deter intruders before any incidents occur.

Discover our Wi-Fi and IP cameras to give your office a cutting-edge security boost that’s NDAA compliant. Say hello to the future of office protection with NXT Level Smart Home – we can’t wait to make your workplace safer and smarter!

Robust Office Surveillance Solutions

NXT Level Smart Home offers a versatile range of styles and features designed to seamlessly integrate into any office environment. Our sophisticated cameras deliver exceptional video quality, ensuring clear visuals day and night. Choose from our selection of Wi-Fi cameras, designed with:

Exceptional Quality

Capture rich details, even in low-light conditions, with vibrant colors and high-performance image sensors.

Robust Durability

Built to withstand challenging weather conditions and potential security threats, our cameras keep recording to ensure your office remains secure.

Choosing the Right Surveillance Solution

At NXT Level Smart Home, we understand that every office has unique security needs. That’s why we offer two distinct solutions to match your specific requirements. Whether you need a quick setup with our WiFi Cameras or a more integrated approach with our IP Cameras, we’ve got you covered.

Used when running cable is not feasible AND you have a Strong Wireless Network. Wireless security cameras take just minutes to set up, have convenient features like high-def video quality, night vision, motion detection, sensor integration and much more.


Used in pre-wired properties OR when you are in the design phase building.

Ensure Maximum Security Compliance with Our NDAA and FCC Certified Cameras

At NXT Level Smart Home, your safety is our top priority. That’s why we exclusively offer IP cameras and Wi-Fi cameras that meet the stringent NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) and FCC (Federal Communications Commission) standards. With our NDAA-compliant IP and Wi-Fi cameras, you’re guaranteed 360-degree security coverage, giving you:

Stay Protected, Stay Connected

With our extensive range of indoor and outdoor security cameras, including Wi-Fi cameras, you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to monitoring your home or business.

Stay Informed: Get instant notifications for motion or suspicious activity.

Seamless Communication: Easily interact with visitors from your smartphone.

High-Definition Clarity: Review recorded footage in HD quality on your mobile device.

No Monthly Fees: Enjoy global access to live and recorded video without subscriptions.

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