Taking video to the next level.

Smart, Powerful & Integrated

Legacy surveillance systems depend on post-incident video playback to check details after an incident.

NXT Level Smart Home offers real-time alarm and active deterrence cameras to help warn off intruders – preventing an incident beforehand.

NXT Level offers a complete line of styles

And functionality to fit seamlessly in any environment. Our sleek cameras provide exceptional video quality both day and night. Wi-Fi cameras

Top Quality

Rich details even in low conditions, better colors, high performance image sensors.

Built to Last

Built to defend against tough weather and potential vandals, your camera will keep recording.

Smart. Secure. Always On.

Embrace a new era of security where smart technology meets unwavering vigilance, keeping your spaces safe, secure, and always monitored

Used when running cable is not feasible AND you have a Strong Wireless Network. Wireless security cameras take just minutes to set up, have convenient features like high-def video quality, night vision, motion detection, sensor integration and much more.


Used in pre-wired properties OR when you are in the design phase building.

Cameras that are NDAA and FCC approved

NDAA (the National Defense Authorization Act) relates to certain companies within the People’s Republic of China, and what can and cannot be installed on US government or US military properties. NXT Level Smart Home only works with FCC approved IP cameras and Wi-Fi cameras. And because we only install NDAA compliant IP cameras, and Wi-Fi cameras, you can enjoy 360 degrees of secured coverage.

Exceptional smart security

With a wide variety of indoor and outdoor security cameras, and Wi-Fi cameras, you can stay up-to-date with everything happening around your home or business. Receive notifications for motion or suspicious activity and easily review recorded footage in HD from your smartphone. NXT Level Smart Home has you covered.

Stay connected from anywhere

Communicate with visitors from your smartphone

Notifications for motion or unwanted activity.

No monthly fees – global access to live and recorded video.

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